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Do you want to be your own boss?

Learn the exact and right skills to start working as a freelance Social Media Manager, so you can work when and where you want!

Can you say yes to any of this?

You are tired of working in a 9-5

You want to be your own boss

You want to work online but don't know how

You want a steady income even though you're working online

You feel out of place in a world where others seem happy to be in a 9-5

You don't have enough money saved up to quit your job and just travel the world

You don't want to just quit your job and not have another idea of how to make money

You have considered or tried becoming an influencer or make money online in some way but never succeeded

You get jealous when you see other people on Instagram living the dream life - but they're not showing how they do it

You have a little bit of knowledge of social media and marketing but don't know how to offer it as a service

You want a full framework to how you can create a sustainable job working online

Did you say yes to all of that?

I get you!

That was me too! We are always told that working in a 9-5 is "just how life is" - but it doesn't have to be!

Already during university I started noticing all these people living my dream life on Instagram and I kept thinking to myself "how do they do it?". I wanted to become my own boss, I did not want to be chained to an office desk every day with little to no freedom.

I started working as an influencer in 2017, but quickly realised that it's a very unsteady income, where you never know how much you'll earn from month to month.

That was not for me - I still need a stable income.

Enter: Social Media Management

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girl floating in pool by two huts in a jungle in Bali

Social Media Management was a


As soon as I found out there was a whole market for people working as freelance Social Media Managers, I was sold!

Working as a freelance Social Media Manager gives me the best of both worlds - freedom and stability!

With monthly clients I was suddenly able to have a reliable monthly income, but at the same time have the freedom to travel the world and work from wherever I wanted to!

I quickly realised that this is what people want. That's why this course came to life - so you can learn exactly how to start working as a freelance Social Media Manager and live your dream life.

If I can do it, you can do it too!

So what if your new life could look something like this:

You are your own boss

You work where and whenever you want - this is what is called FREEDOM

You are no longer chained to a desk in a 9-5

You have a steady income even though you're working online

You were able to quit your 9-5 because of your steady income

You don't need to have money saved up to travel the world - you can work while doing it

You have found a close and supporting community of other people working online and with the same world views as you

You finally feel FREE and as if you are finally living your life the way YOU want to

You found out that achieving that dream life you saw on Instagram was not that hard after all

You are happy you took the plunge and got clear guidance on how to build your own life

Is this what you want?

Then you have come to the right place! Because I will help you get there!

girl floating in pool by two huts in a jungle in Bali

Hi! I'm Camilla!

I work as a freelance Social Media Manager and work from all around the world - and now I will help you do the same!

I was like many other working in a usual 9-5 (mine was actually 9-6!), and I kept thinking to myself...

"There has to be more to life than this"

And there was! Fast forward 2 years and I finally found a sustainable and stable way to work online from anywhere my heart desires!

Some people are not meant to work in the same place and the same hours every day - and that's okay!

Let's get you on this journey, so your new life can start :-)

Here's some of the things you'll get in the course:

✓ You will learn what you can offer and how to price yourself

✓ You will get the full framework to become a Social Media Manager

✓ You will get access to a strong social media strategy plan

✓ Knowledge of how to build strong social media strategies

✓ Insights on the best programs and tools to use for working as a Social Media Manager

✓ Confidence to pitch clients and show off your skills

✓ Email templates

✓ Pitch templates

✓ Pricing template

✓ Report template

✓ Posting Calendar template

✓ Company Branding template

✓ Contract template

✓ Invoice template

✓ Access to a closed Facebook Community Group

✓ Student Location List so you can find other students close to you

The Social Media Management

Masters Class

Module 1: Build your business model

The first module is all about the basics - build up your business from scratch and how to do it.

✓ What you can offer

✓ How to price yourself

✓ What you need when starting out

social media manager
social media manager

Module 2: Getting started

In the second module we will cover how you actually get started and how you will get your first clients.

✓ Determine your ideal clients

✓ How to find clients

✓ How to pitch potential clients

Bonuses included in module 2: Client Pitch Template + Presentation Template + Media Kit Template

Module 3: Social Media Management Tools and Programs

The third module will teach you everything you need to know about the different programs and tools that you can use as a Social Media Manager.

✓ Social Media Management Tools

✓ Graphic Design Tools

✓ Other useful programs and tools

social media manager
social media manager

Module 4: Create a strategy and onboarding a client

Module 4 will teach you how to smoothly onboard a new client, as well as creating a strong strategy for each client.

✓ Smooth onboarding process

✓ Build a strong strategy

✓ Analyse their current social media accounts

Bonuses included in module 2: Contract Template + Invoice Template + Email Templates + Company Branding Template + Instagram Highlight Cover Template + Posting Calendar Template + Full Marketing Plan

Module 5: The different social media platforms

In Module 5 you will learn everything about the different social media platforms and the best strategies for each.

✓ Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok

✓ How to write the best captions for each platform

✓ Best actions for strategies for each platform

Bonuses included in module 5: The Caption Guide + Instagram Highlight Cover Template

social media manager
social media manager

Module 6: Facebook Ads

Module 6 will teach you the basics of running ads across Facebook and Instagram.

✓ How to set up ads

✓ The different kinds of ads

✓ How to allocate a budget

Module 7: Analysis and feedback

In Module 7 you will learn how to proper analyse the results of each platform, as well as how to deliver professional reports for your clients.

✓ Analyse results

✓ Provide clients with professional reports

✓ Feedback and re-strategising

Bonuses included in module 7: Report Template

social media manager

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