The Social Media Management

Masters Class

Module 1: Build your business model

The first module is all about the basics - build up your business from scratch and how to do it.

✓ What you can offer

✓ How to price yourself

✓ What you need when starting out

social media manager
social media manager

Module 2: Getting started

In the second module we will cover how you actually get started and how you will get your first clients.

✓ Determine your ideal clients

✓ How to find clients

✓ How to pitch potential clients

Bonuses included in module 2: Client Pitch Template + Presentation Template + Media Kit Template

Module 3: Social Media Management Tools and Programs

The third module will teach you everything you need to know about the different programs and tools that you can use as a Social Media Manager.

✓ Social Media Management Tools

✓ Graphic Design Tools

✓ Other useful programs and tools

social media manager
social media manager

Module 4: Create a strategy and onboarding a client

Module 4 will teach you how to smoothly onboard a new client, as well as creating a strong strategy for each client.

✓ Smooth onboarding process

✓ Build a strong strategy

✓ Analyse their current social media accounts

Bonuses included in module 2: Contract Template + Invoice Template + Email Templates + Company Branding Template + Instagram Highlight Cover Template + Posting Calendar Template + Full Marketing Plan

Module 5: The different social media platforms

In Module 5 you will learn everything about the different social media platforms and the best strategies for each.

✓ Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok

✓ How to write the best captions for each platform

✓ Best actions for strategies for each platform

Bonuses included in module 5: The Caption Guide + Instagram Highlight Cover Template

social media manager
social media manager

Module 6: Facebook Ads

Module 6 will teach you the basics of running ads across Facebook and Instagram.

✓ How to set up ads

✓ The different kinds of ads

✓ How to allocate a budget

Module 7: Analysis and feedback

In Module 7 you will learn how to proper analyse the results of each platform, as well as how to deliver professional reports for your clients.

✓ Analyse results

✓ Provide clients with professional reports

✓ Feedback and re-strategising

Bonuses included in module 7: Report Template

social media manager

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